With nearly 40 years as a Southern Minnesota Beet Sugar Cooperative employee, Robert Fischer is retiring from the Cooperative. Kelvin Thompsen and John Dean caught up with Bob during one of his last days as a shift supervisor to present him with his watch reflecting the time spent with us.

BobFischerBob joined the Cooperative in February 1975 and was a sugar boiler the first season we processed beets. He continued to learn the process working his way into a manager position in 1991 and then to shift supervisor in 1997. As a shift supervisor Bob is responsible for the daily supervision of plant operations.

The most significant change for Bob was seeing the 1999 expansion and the integration of the computer systems, allowing employees to monitor the process and to make adjustments, including flows, temperatures, and levels. Having access to lab readings at the click of a mouse has also been a luxury that the facility did not have in the early years. A recent addition has been the online computer based training employees are able to go through, accessing training during their shift.

Best wishes to you Bob on your retirement and thank you for the many years of service with the Cooperative!