What is in a career? Well, if you ask Frank Herning, he will tell you that a career is what you make of it. Frank joined Southern Minnesota Beet Sugar Cooperative in December of 1975, and he has made a lasting impression with his peers and the Cooperative.

FrankHerningFrank started in the lime kiln before making his way to the boiler house and, eventually, the sugar warehouse. In Frank’s words, “I ran out of room to the west, so I jumped on the opportunity to head east and work as a locomotive and switchman operator.” Out “east,” Frank enjoyed keeping the track and switches clear as well as performing various other duties. To Frank, the physical work kept him young at heart and in spirit!

As Frank reflects on his career, he expresses sincere gratitude for the friendships and opportunities afforded to him. He talked a lot about the great changes that the Cooperative made, which helped enhance safety for the employees through unique programming and monthly quizzes. Frank believes the Cooperative valued him as an employee and was concerned with his health and well-being.

Pictured above, Frank is receiving a watch for his tenure with Southern Minnesota Sugar. Since entering retirement, he has spent his time participating in recreational activities like ice fishing, skiing and skating. He is also looking to pursue further education in theology. His goal is to share his spiritual passions with others, and now he will have the time and opportunity to make it happen.

Congratulations, Frank! Thank you for your commitment and service. We wish you the best in your future endeavors.