Congratulations to Dale Martin, who is retiring after 26 years of service with SMBSC!

Dale saw many changes throughout his career, including the factory expansion in 1999 and improvements in safety training. During his tenure at SMBSC, Dale gained general maintenance knowledge and welding skills. Dale started his career as a miscellaneousDaleMartin laborer, and then worked in the wet hopper and diffuser areas. After the expansion, Dale learned the new diffusion process and moved to the new wash house. Dale advanced to the utility man position via on-the-job training, where he has served for the last 16 years, using his knowledge of the sugar end operations.

In retirement, Dale is looking forward to no alarm clock, as well as vacationing in the Black Hills, fishing, gardening and tending to his small animals. He will also spend time with his family.


Thank you for your many years of service, Dale. Enjoy your retirement!