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With 40 years of dedication to Southern Minnesota Beet Sugar Cooperative, please join us in celebrating Ken Dahl’s retirement. His story on where he came from and why he stayed is just another example of the great employees at SMBSC. After finishing his two year agronomy degree, Ken had multiple job choices, predominantly in the […]

February 17th, 1975 was an above average, 30 degree day with a little sun and slight precipitation. Frankie Valli’s, “My Eyes Adored You,” had dethroned AWB’s, “Pick Up the Pieces,” on the radio charts, and two bright-eyed young men started a new adventure…an adventure that would help shape their careers. Ken Dahl and Bob Fischer […]

What is in a career? Well, if you ask Frank Herning, he will tell you that a career is what you make of it. Frank joined Southern Minnesota Beet Sugar Cooperative in December of 1975, and he has made a lasting impression with his peers and the Cooperative. Frank started in the lime kiln before […]

Congratulations to Tom Clark, who entered into retirement today! Tom joined Southern Minnesota Beet Sugar Cooperative in September 2007 as a mechanic and electrician helper. In January of 2008, Tom moved into a house mechanic position. Gary Cornelius caught up with Tom on his last day to present him with his watch reflecting the time […]

An employee appreciation meal was served today to thank our employees for their continued hard work and loyalty. Three more lunches will be held over the next week so that each shift can participate. The meal includes roast beef, mashed potatoes, gravy, chicken penne pasta, glazed carrots and dessert. 

With nearly 40 years as a Southern Minnesota Beet Sugar Cooperative employee, Robert Fischer is retiring from the Cooperative. Kelvin Thompsen and John Dean caught up with Bob during one of his last days as a shift supervisor to present him with his watch reflecting the time spent with us. Bob joined the Cooperative in […]

Frank Wertish joined the Cooperative in September 1975 as a pulp dryer foreman. He worked in both process and maintenance, holding positions from crane operator, machinist, beet end crew leader, heavy equipment mechanic and then finishing his career as a house mechanic 1st class. A house mechanic 1st class performs repairs on various factory mechanical […]