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2021 SMBSC Sugar Beet Production Meeting Presentations

Day 1

    »  Production Seminar Welcome  

    »  Waterhemp Control in Sugarbeet  

    »  Controlling Waterhemp Escapes in Sugarbeet  

    »  Sugarbeet Tolerance and Weed Control with Acifluorfen  

    »  Liquid Separated Dairy Manure in a Sugarbeet Rotation  

    »  Impact of Plant Population on Fertility  

    »  The Finesse of Nitrogen Management  

Day 2

    »  Welcome and Reloader Update  

    »  Rhizoctonia Management in Sugarbeet  

    »  New Technology for Detecting CLS  

    »  Cercospora Tolerance and SMBSC Varieties  

    »  Database/Demo-driven Spray Technology BMP’s  

    »  CLS Fungicide Trial Results and Plans for 2021  

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