SMBSC was recently featured in an Agri-News article that interviewed Todd Geselius, vice president of agriculture, about this year’s harvest and cover crops.

SMBSC’s Cover Crop Program, established for nearly 15 years, prevents erosions, improves soils and increases crop yield. They keep soil from blowing off fields during windy days and eroding during heavy rains. They also protect small beet plants by providing shelter and allowing them a better start that results in a healthier and more productive crop at the end of the year.DSC_1143_panocrop

 The following is an excerpt from the original article:

Posted: Wednesday, November 4, 2015 7:00 am

RENVILLE, Minn. — Farmers harvested a record sugar beet crop this year, said Todd Geselius, vice president of agriculture at Southern Minnesota Beet Sugar Cooperative at Renville.

 “Harvest went very well,” Geselius said. “The weather was almost ideal not only for sugar beets but for corn and soybeans as well. A lot got done in a short period.”

 Yields were approximately 29.9 tons per acre, Geselius said. Sugars were just under 17 percent, not a record but above average. Purity was average or a little better.

“It was a very good crop for us,” Geselius said. “Everybody is pretty happy.”

 The cooperative’s growers are located in parts of 17 Minnesota counties or in a 60 mile radius of the Renville plant.

. . . .

Many growers who are starting to look at fall cover crops.

 “It’s in the experimental phase,” he said. “We are getting a lot of questions, and we’re going to investigate how fall cover crops can work into the system. We have a pretty well-established spring cover crop system.”


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