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Dave Berg, President of American Crystal Sugar recently wrote a letter to the editor in the Fargo Forum touching on the misrepresentation of GMOs and the potential impact to food choice and affordability. An excerpt from Dave’s letter is below:   Letter: Writer misrepresents Monsanto role in agriculture productivity By Dave Berg from Fargo on […]

Beet sugar is safe, but GM pandering is not Hershey’s move is wrong; a hungry, crowded world needs the benefits of GM technology. By Kyle Petersen JANUARY 14, 2016 — 6:00PM The recent report that Hershey Co. will stop buying beet sugar (“Hershey says ‘bye’ to beet sugar,” Dec. 28) because it comes from genetically […]

GMO Sugar Myths

The Powell Tribune (NW Wyoming) recently published an excellent article as a result of Hershey’s recent decision to discontinue use of sugar from beets as a result of consumer misconceptions about sugar from GMO beet seed. There is a lot of good information in this article including this easy to understand anecdote at the end of […]