Dave Berg, President of American Crystal Sugar recently wrote a letter to the editor in the Fargo Forum touching on the misrepresentation of GMOs and the potential impact to food choice and affordability.

An excerpt from Dave’s letter is below:


Letter: Writer misrepresents Monsanto role in agriculture productivity

I have been quoted as saying that “anti-GM groups” are a “threat” to sugarbeet farmers. I would like to refine that statement. What I believe is that people who oppose the use of genetic modification are a threat to the productivity of our agricultural system. Farmers have demonstrated that they can utilize this and other forms of technology to provide massive amounts of food that in turn becomes the raw material for our country’s magnificently varied, nutritious and affordable food supply.

The “threat” that I see is the potential that “anti-GM groups” will deny the use of genetic modification and other technologies to farmers. This would logically result in lower crop production, higher prices, and less variety for you and other consumers.

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