Monthly Archives: March 2016

Planting Safety

With planting season coming up quick, there are items we can look at to help make planting season safe for yourself, your families, and the community.  An article in Successful Farmer discusses what can be done before hand to help prepare us and our equipment for a safer planting season. (Click here to view article).  […]

Southern Minn. joins National Sugar Marketing 3/7/2016 – by Ron Sterk WASHINGTON — National Sugar Marketing L.L.C. (N.S.M.) announced on March 4 the addition of Southern Minnesota Beet Sugar Cooperative (S.M.B.S.C.) as its newest member. “By joining N.S.M., Southern Minnesota will deliver their refined sugar to customers with the highest efficiency and the lowest cost […]

A great way to encourage safety at the farm is to  focus on cleaning and organizing our workspaces.  The University of Missouri Agricultural Extension discusses the importance of good housekeeping and some considerations to look at.  Read the article here. To go along with the article, Penn State provides us with two pages on inspection criteria […]