Thoughtful, well-articulated article about how VT law requiring special labeling and other state-specific labeling laws will have significant impact on food production, food access, price of food and farmer livelihood.

Minnesota farmers need Minnesota’s senators to act

By Karolyn Zurn Today at 5:00 a.m.

CALLAWAY, Minn.—Unless the U.S. Senate takes immediate action, Minnesota farmers stand to be seriously hurt within two months by a Vermont law requiring special labels for products made with genetically modified ingredients.

Over the past two decades, these crops have been grown more efficiently and affordably thanks to the use of genetically modified organisms.

The genetic traits contained in GMOs let farmers grow more crops while using less water, less land and fewer pesticides. This helps reduce costs for farmers and consumers.

Roughly 93 percent of our state’s corn, 94 percent of our soybeans and 95 percent of our sugar beets are now GMO.

The safety of GMOs is well-established in the scientific community. They have been part of our nation’s food supply for more than 20 years without incident.

Every major scientific and health organization that has examined GMOs has concluded they are as safe as any other food.

Despite the great benefits of GMOs, small numbers of activists are fighting to impose new state laws that would require special labels for food produced with this technology. They succeeded in Vermont, where a GMO-Iabeling law will go into effect in July.

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