Reported in West Central Tribune, 7/19/19 – By most measures, this past year was an “extremely challenging year” for the Southern Minnesota Beet Sugar Cooperative and its shareholders, according to Sagar Sunkavalli, the co-op’s manager of environmental affairs. Producers harvested 2.37 million tons of sugar beets last year, and sliced 2.22 million tons of them, in comparison to a record 3.67 million tons harvested one year earlier. Producers saw an average yield of 20.2 tons per acre, compared to 30.6 tons per acre the prior year. There was a silver lining in it all, according to Sunkavalli in a report he made Tuesday, July 16, to the Renville County Board of Commissioners. Thanks to continued investments in improved wastewater processing at the factory in Renville and operational changes, the cooperative’s environmental compliance was among its best ever. Full story.