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With harvest well underway, the article “Harvest Safety Tips from Nationwide”, discusses various hazards farmers experience during harvest. The article gives several precautions to take before, during, and after harvesting various crops to keep everyone involved safe.  Please Click here  to be directed to the article.  Have a Safe harvest!

Harvest Equipment Inspections

To help increase the likelihood of having a successful and efficient harvest, a pre equipment inspection is a good tool to prevent major mechanical failures and potential incidents from happening in the future.  The inspection is also a good tool to help keep yourself, family, workers, and community safe during harvest.  The following article discusses […]

Harvest Traffic Safety

With an early harvest just around the corner, the additional traffic and roadway hazards are a concern for rural communities.  The article “Everyone plays a role in safety on the roads during harvest” published in Agweek, provides safety awareness and ideas for farmers as well as their families who will be traveling on the roadways. […]

Summer time is a wonderful time to work in and enjoy the outdoors.  Unfortunately, additional hazards exist with the warmer weather.  The occupation safety and health administration has a great article which helps a person prevent and if already affected by heat stress, recognize the signs to prevent worsening conditions.  Read the article on the OSHA […]

Pesticides are chemicals that serve a significant purpose on agricultural land.  Unfortunately, these pesticides may impose negative health factors to the person working with them or people near where they are being applied.  Pesticides should not be singled out as the only chemicals that may cause health issues; some every day cleaning or automotive chemicals […]

ATV Safety

ATVs are generally used in many facets around the community.  Whether it is for recreation or work use, many will see and use them in  their endeavors through the seasons.  Unfortunately as useful and fun as ATVs can be, they present additional hazards to those who use them.  The Agri-Business council of Oregon partnered with […]

Planting Safety

With planting season coming up quick, there are items we can look at to help make planting season safe for yourself, your families, and the community.  An article in Successful Farmer discusses what can be done before hand to help prepare us and our equipment for a safer planting season. (Click here to view article).  […]

A great way to encourage safety at the farm is to  focus on cleaning and organizing our workspaces.  The University of Missouri Agricultural Extension discusses the importance of good housekeeping and some considerations to look at.  Read the article here. To go along with the article, Penn State provides us with two pages on inspection criteria […]