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Thoughtful, well-articulated article about how VT law requiring special labeling and other state-specific labeling laws will have significant impact on food production, food access, price of food and farmer livelihood. Minnesota farmers need Minnesota’s senators to act By Karolyn Zurn Today at 5:00 a.m. CALLAWAY, Minn.—Unless the U.S. Senate takes immediate action, Minnesota farmers stand to be seriously […]

Southern Minn. joins National Sugar Marketing 3/7/2016 – by Ron Sterk WASHINGTON — National Sugar Marketing L.L.C. (N.S.M.) announced on March 4 the addition of Southern Minnesota Beet Sugar Cooperative (S.M.B.S.C.) as its newest member. “By joining N.S.M., Southern Minnesota will deliver their refined sugar to customers with the highest efficiency and the lowest cost […]

Dave Berg, President of American Crystal Sugar recently wrote a letter to the editor in the Fargo Forum touching on the misrepresentation of GMOs and the potential impact to food choice and affordability. An excerpt from Dave’s letter is below:   Letter: Writer misrepresents Monsanto role in agriculture productivity By Dave Berg from Fargo on […]

Beet sugar is safe, but GM pandering is not Hershey’s move is wrong; a hungry, crowded world needs the benefits of GM technology. By Kyle Petersen JANUARY 14, 2016 — 6:00PM The recent report that Hershey Co. will stop buying beet sugar (“Hershey says ‘bye’ to beet sugar,” Dec. 28) because it comes from genetically […]

GMO Sugar Myths

The Powell Tribune (NW Wyoming) recently published an excellent article as a result of Hershey’s recent decision to discontinue use of sugar from beets as a result of consumer misconceptions about sugar from GMO beet seed. There is a lot of good information in this article including this easy to understand anecdote at the end of […]