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Our Purpose
SMBSC's Purpose is to unite producers in a cooperative venture that will enhance profitability and increase opportunities for its shareholders, employees and surrounding communities.

  • Southern Minnesota Beet Sugar Cooperative is 100% shareholder/grower owned.
  • Approximately 500 Shareholder/growers, owning approximately 120,000 shares, raise sugar beets throughout 17 counties in Minnesota.
  • The Cooperative employs approximately 375 full-time benefit-rated employees, with an additional 475 seasonal employees during the harvest season.
  • The processing facility employees have electrical, instrumentation, mechanical, technical and process skills sets.
  • The Cooperatives contributes $25 million to the local economy in payroll.
  • Total economic impact of the Cooperative is approximately $930 million considering each agricultural dollar rolls over 5-6 times.
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