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Spreckels Sugar Company, Inc.

Spreckels Sugar Company, a subsidiary of Southern Minnesota Beet Sugar Cooperative, is the producer of Spreckels Sugar products. The Spreckels Sugar labels are primarily marketed in the western half of the United States. Spreckels Sugar operates a beet sugar factory located in Brawley, California. With quality and customer service a number one priority, Spreckels has been supplying sugar products to consumers and customers for over 100 years.

Holly Seed, LLC.

Holly Seed, based in Sheridan, Wyoming seeks to develop new beet seed varieties to increase sucrose content and yields. was purchased by Southern Minnesota Beet Sugar Cooperative in 2005. Holly Seed shares an alliance with SESVanderHave, and together they have become the leading source of varieties adapted in many sugarbeet growing areas around the world.
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