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Our Vision
To be the preeminent integrated sugar producer in the world.

  • SMBSC Shareholders have planted 80,000 acres of cover crop on average over the last seven years, and over 100,000 acres since 2012.
  • We have increased our investment in Environmental upgrades, suprassing nine million dollars in improvements for the 2012 crop year.
  • Due to employee training and safety awareness, the SMBSC Illness and Injury Rate has decreased from 16.0 in 1995 to 6.8 in 2013.
  • SMBSC has increased holding pond capacity by over 90 million gallons to reduce ground water usage and protect downstream land during flood season.
  • SMBSC researched and developed a strategy to control H2S emissions from wastewater ponds and is developing a program to rapidly respond to changes.
  • We have constructed two new wetlands and have plans and permits to complete a third in the near future. A total of 70 acres will be restored in this effort.

Wetland in Kingman Township restored by SMBSC
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