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Workplace Health and Safety

Our employees are the foundation of our successful operation. SMBSC is committed to providing the resources and training needed to improve safety in all areas of our operations.

Safety Committee
Our Safety Committee is comprised of both our health and safety staff and employees throughout the facility to represent a broad perspective of ideas and issues. The SMBSC Safety Committee is responsible for performing inspections and audits of the facility, making recommendations for changes, and tracking to completion all improvements made to our facilities and processes.

SMBSC employees are trained in the applicable health and safety rules, procedures and hazards for their specific job duties. Our training touches our employees regularly through weekly safety discussions, monthly training sessions for specific disciplines, and through new hire orientations.

Code Blue First Aid Responders
One of the many safety programs at SMBSC includes our Code Blue First Aid Responder program. We have an established team of over 35 employees who are Minnesota Board Certified First Aid Responders. SMBSC conducts annual, on-site training to maintain certifications for these employees.

Crisis and Emergency Preparedness
Preparing for crisis and emergencies is an important step in ensuring a safe work environment. SMBSC has a comprehensive Crisis Management Plan and will continue to refine the plan through regular review and practice drills. We hold fire and severe weather training drills annually. SMBSC is actively planning a large-scale crisis exercise, which will include local fire and ambulance responders and will involve a tornado scenario resulting in a chemical spill with several injuries.
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