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Improving Environmental and Agronomic Practices

SMBSC dedicates significant resources and conducts extensive research to ensure we are careful stewards of the environment.

Ag Practice Database
SMBSC believes that one of the best ways to improve our environmental and agricultural practices is to maintain records of how our sugar beet crop is grown. This allows us to make the best use of our natural resources because we track information to better understand what works best in our growing area. Our Ag Practice Database allows our growers to voluntarily provide information about their agrononomic practices, including fertilizer management, cover crop benefits and soil tillage methods. This information is combined and summarized annually for the best agronomic practices and then returned back to the growers so they can make adjustments as they determine necessary for the next sugar beet crop.

Agronomic Research
SMBSC employs a team of six full-time employees, including a PhD in crop science and agronomists, to conduct agronomic research focused on improving the efficiency and sustainability of our growers' agricultural practices. This internationally recognized research team studies seed varieties, weed and disease management, fertility management, harvest and storage techniques. This work ensures our growers have access to the latest and most comprehensive sugar beet research.
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