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From sustainable farming practices to energy conservation, SMBSC is steadfast in its commitment to make careful use of the natural and energy resources it depends on to grow and process sugar beets.

From field to final product, SMBSC dedicates significant resources and conducts extensive research to ensure we are careful stewards of the environment. Our cooperative has made great strides in protecting soil and water quality, improving energy efficiency and reducing fertilizer usage.

And we keep working to improve. We remain ever diligent and committed to protecting and preserving what matters most - a healthy and sustainable natural environment.

Improving Environment + Agronomic Practices
We believe that one of the best ways to improve our environmental and agricultural practices is to... Read more
Conserving Energy
Making sugar from beets is an energy-intensive operations, but we've managed to increase our efficience by 60%.
Reducing Fertilizer Use
Our Agronomy team has reduced fertilizer use, while maintaining or increasing production.
Protecting Waterways
Our efforts in reducing phosphorus has been recognized by C.U.R.E and the U.S. EPA.

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